The Hostel is located in Umbria, not far from Perugia, in a hilly area that is only 10 km from Trasimeno Lake and the pretty town of Passignano.

Here the environment is pristine and the countryside vast, covered with endless forests dotted here and there by farms, and medieval villages and castles.

The Hostel and its 28 hectares are set on the sunny side of a hill that is part of the “I Boschi di Castel Rigone” [Forests of Castel Rigone] protected area, which the European Union has declared ‘a site of community interest’ for its great natural beauty and outstanding richness in fauna and flora.

Footpaths starting out directly from the Hostel allow visitors to explore a wide range of habitats including wooded valleys, open fields, home to various species of wild orchids, and the clean, gurgling brook that cuts across the property, discovering unspoiled natural environments.

Tracks of wild boars, badgers and roe deer can be found within yards of the Hostel. Porcupine quills are common on the sides of the paths. The trees platforms are ideal for watching birds of prey, woodpeckers, jays and much, much more, while the seasonal ponds in the stream provide a habitat for frogs, newts and the rare spectacled salamander. Nature is knocking on your door.

The location offers full immersion in nature and an extraordinary variety of opportunities for outdoor and environmental educational activities.

At the same time, it is close to inhabited areas and tourist attractions. 
The Hostel can provide a transport service to Lake Trasimeno and nearby places.



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